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Potfree plants

 Potfree Plants have been developed on our site over the past few years to bring a new
- concept in young plants. 

- Not grown in plug trays or pots, these plants develop over the season in a continuous trough.

- They are held in metal frames above the ground, which helps with aeration

- The system helps the plants to produce a compact and fibrous root system.

We offer two sizes, 5 and 9cm. This refers to the plant spacing rather than the root volume. With the 5cm there is a minimum growing time of 3 months but often longer. These plants are ideal for potting in 1 or 2 litre pots. The plant size is often the equivalent to a 9cm liner pot.

The 9cm size is for more vigorous subjects or where the plant needs to be grown on for a further period. This is often equivalent to a 1 litre plant. Many are grown in an outside environment, which develops a naturally bushy plant. This reduces soft growth, which helps prevent pests and diseases. Chemical applications are therefore less frequent.

One of the key factors with this method is the time saving at the potting stage. Plants are prepared ready for putting straight through the potting machine or hand potting operations. Time is not wasted depotting plants, or having to find space on the plastic waste mountain.

We transport the plants in returnable crates, trays or trolleys. Smaller quantities can be dispatched loose in boxes. We have found a substantial saving in delivery volume. Estimated as much as 60% when comparing a 9cm pot with a 5cm Potfree plant.

What you pay...
• All the prices of the Potfree plants are based on our current catalogue of the 9cm pot liners.

• The 5cm plants are 30% less than the listed price. The 9cm Potfree remains the same.

• We have a minimum quantity of 50 plants per variety. All the other terms and conditions are as listed in the main catalogue.

• This method lends itself to larger batches of plants that can be contract grown. The two favourable times of the year when plants are normally finished are either May/June and September through to February.

• If you are interested in our Potfree range and would like to know more please give us a call - we will be happy to discuss how Potfree can help you grow.

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Devon wholesale nursery
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Wholesale Nursery Devon
Potfree Wholesale Plants Devon

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